Trimmer Horizon HT-80


Untrimmed format Min. 145x105 mm; Max. 330x330 mm
Finished format Min. 139x99 mm; Max. 300x300 mm
Max. feed height 51 mm
Max. trimming performance 1000 T/hour

Automated Set Up
Most sections can be set up automatically by inputting the untrimmed size and finished size into the intuitive color touch screen for quick and accurate change over.

Servo Motor Driven
Servo motors are employed for accurate positioning of the book block. Also, through the touch panel screen, the pressure of the press is adjusted automatically so that no mark remains on the trimmed book. Oil less control for environmental friendly operation.

High Quality Finish
Rigid construction and heavy-duty mechanisms ensure consistent, accurate quality.

Book of one Production
Books of the same size but different thickness can be trimmed at the same time, for true book of one production.

In-line Production
System can be placed in-line with Horizon perfect binders BQ-470, SB-07 or SB-09S for efficient book production.

Bindery Control System
The HT-80 can be networked with the Horizon pXnet Bindery Control System which can plan jobs, collect production data across the bindery, and even interface with an existing workflow for automated JDF set-up.