Computer Aided Binding System CABS 4000/4000S


Number of Hoppers 6-36
Sheet Size, min 145х108 mm
Sheet Size, max 330х320 mm
Book Thickness 1-45 mm
Production Speed 4 000 books/hr.

The new CABS4000 high speed in-line binding system, using the SB-09 9-clamp perfect binder. The CABS4000 features system
automation for major setups, space efficiency, and high productivity up to 4,000 books/hour.

The CABS4000 system consists of the MG-60H 6-hopper gatherer, the SB-09 9-clamp perfect binder, the HT-110 three-knife trimmer, and a wide range of options. The system is ideally suited for short to medium run lengths that require professional quality perfect bound books.

Up to six 6-hopper signature gathering sections can be combined to create a 12, 18, 24, 30, or 36-hopper system.
The air suction and the grip arm feeding system on the MG-60H can feed single sheets, single folded sheets, or signatures up to 32-pages.
Horizon's state-of-the-art detection system will detect misfeeds or double feeding to insure book integrity.
An optional optical reading system is available for each hopper to insure proper signature orientation during re-loads.

The SB-09 provides maximum productivity for short to medium run-lengths at up to 4,000 books/hour.
Major system setups are performed automatically and book size or book thickness changeovers are completed within 3 minutes. The SB-09 provides quick, easy makeready for frequent job changes.
The scoring and cover registration sections are automatically set from the input book size data, for square accurate spines from first book to last.
Revolutionary seesaw style feed plate for increased space efficiency.

The HT-110 features automated setup for different book sizes and precision cutting accuracy.
Job changeovers are performed simply and quickly through the color LCD touch-screen. Unlike other three-knife trimming systems, there are very few replacement parts when changing over the HT-110.
Knife height and cutting depth are easily adjusted through the color LCD touch-screen.