Saddle-Stitching System Horizon StitchLiner 6000


Sheet Size Min. 140x199 mm Max. 350x500 mm
Sheet Weight Range 53-210 gsm
Stitch Thickness Max. 5 mm
Stitching Wire #23-#25 (0,5-0,6 mm)
Untrimmed Booklet Size Min. 140 x 103 mm Max. 350x250 mm
Finished Booklet Size Min. 144x95 mm Max. 340x230 mm
Production Speed 6 000 booklets per hour

Combining the efficiency and ease of operation of flat sheet collating with the productivity, versatility and quality of a saddle-stitiching system.

The saddle-stitching system combines all processes, from flat sheet collating, scoring, folding, and saddle-stitching through three knife trimming into a single operation.
The StitchLiner series provides user-friendly operation, high productivity and versatility for on demand, production print, and trade bindery environments.
The StitchLiner MarkIII enables you to meet an expanded range of applications, with the highest throughput.

At up to 6,000 booklets per hour, the StitchLiner6000 is ideally suited for landscape-oriented booklets.
User-friendly Operation - User-friendly operation through the color touch screen and accurate automation achieve short make-ready for quick turnaround.
In-line Folding - Folding is performed in-line to simplify the saddle-stitching workflow and improve operational efficiency.
Meet the Variable Needs - Newly designed landscape feeding and straight saddle-stitching flow handles thinner paper stock and feeds larger, landscape-oriented sheets.
Efficient Work Space - Ergonomic L-shaped confi guration for efficient operation and space savings.