CTP and CTCP systems Ausetter 400


Technical Specifications

U424 UV plate, high-sensitive PS plate
T424 Thermal plate
16 plates/hour
U432 UV plate, high-sensitive PS plate
T432 Thermal plate
22 plates/hour
U448 UV plate, high-sensitive PS plate
T448 Thermal plate
28 plates/hour
Exposing Method External Drum
Plate Size, min 400х300 mm
Plate Size, max 800х660 mm
Plate Thickness 0.15 - 0.30 mm
Resolutions 2400 dpi

Maximum size of plate: 800mm*660mm.
Features: Small volume, high stability and perfect output quality.
UV plate and thermal plate are available for you to lower production cost.
Furthermore, to improve the production efficiency, 32 channels, 48 channe.